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Up close and personal with our Disney Princesses…Guild Wars 2 style! :)

Introducing….our Disney Villains!  Hope you like them! <3

Another video of the sailors dancing in LA. Sailor Moon theme song music in the background. :)

Someone took an awesome video of us dancing in LA! The music matches surprisingly well!

All of the scouts, finally together!

Introducing the Outer Scouts! Please welcome Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Saturn, and Sailor Pluto to [Moon]!

Happy Valentine’s Day Moonies! We love you all very much! <3

A special thank you to our friends Jan and Cocoa for helping with this awesome screenshot!

I love this! But where are the Outer Senshi?

We plan to make the outer senshi… eventually! Unfortunately, each scout takes a while to make, as the dyes for the costumes are rather expensive, and obtaining certain armor pieces takes time and outside help to get. Don’t worry tho, we’ll have the outer senshi up eventually! <3

What classes are you all using? And how are you getting those awesome poses?? :D Absolutely love it!

We’re all elementalists!

Hey Moonies! Here are some screenshots of the [Moon] Sailor Scouts! Enjoy! <3